Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards COVID-19 Infection Among Physicians and Nurses in Al-Banjadeed Hospital

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Hamid,Ahmed Mohamed Salih Ahmed
Abashar,Mohamed AbdAlwahid Osman
AldinAbassElkhir,Ruba Salah
SalamaAtya,Samaar Mahmoud
Eltigani Mohamed,Mohamed Gamal
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Nile University
BACKGROUND:Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a contagious viral pathogen, creating a public health emergency, and affecting lives and livelihood of millions of populations globally. Good knowledge, attitude, and practice are essential to prevent and stop the widespread transmission. Aim of the study:The aim of thisresearch project was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding COVID-19 infection among physicians and nurses in Al-Banjadeed hospital. Methods & materials:This descriptive cross sectional study was conducted among 88 participants 31 were physicians and 57 were nurses at Banjadeed hospital, El-hajj Yousif Khartoum North, from May 2022 to September 2022. Data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire distributed to the physicians and nurses. Results:A total of 88 participants completed the questionnaire with a response rate of 100%.The result showed 68.2% of the participants were female, 86.4% of the participants were aged 20 to 40 years, 83% were bachelor degree holders and 65.9% were nurses. Majority of the participants were from pediatric department and highest working experience is less than 2 years for 70.5% of them. Official websites (ministry of health, WHO, and CDC) were the primary source of information for 36.4% of the participants. Most of the participants have good knowledge, good attitude and better practice. There were no significant difference of knowledge with gender (P>.05). However there was significant difference of practice with profession (physician and nurses) (P<.05). Conclusions: the findings demonstrated that the physicians and nurses have good knowledge, attitude and better practice towards COVID-19 infection. There was significant difference of practice with profession.
Hamid,Ahmed Mohamed Salih Ahmed (2022).Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards COVID-19 Infection Among Physicians and Nurses in Al-Banjadeed Hospital.nileuniversity